To The Times When You Feel Lonely

कभी लगता हैं कितने अकेले हैं हम और कभी लगता हैं अकेलेपन में भी अकेले नहीं हैं हम |

Have you ever felt lonely? I have. Not once, not twice, but many a time — in a room full of people, at home, when I am the only one battling against my thoughts, travelling unaccompanied.  I love my me time, there’s no two ways about it. Solitude helps me recharge myself and (ironically) connect better with people. Solitude is not the same as feeling alone. The former we choose, the latter we don’t. I value solitude because it helps me think clearly while enhancing my productivity. It also helps me clear my mind. 

Having said that, I also have my fair share of days wherein I feel as if no one cares (sitting on the bathroom floor crying my heart out). Yes, I have felt alone with no one to ease my fears and wipe my tears.  

But the point here is are we really as alone as we make ourselves to be. Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe we should reach out to people often, we should share how we feel without being ashamed about it. What we feel doesn’t say anything about us, how we deal with these feelings does. 

You are not your feelings and its ok to feel the way you do. It’s ok. 

The first step towards tackling this feeling is to accept it. Yes, you heard me right. Think about stuff that really bothers you. 9 out of 10 times these are the things that you are having a difficult time accepting. 

Things will be easy hereon. Share how you feel. You can either choose to write it down somewhere without judging yourself or express yourself to a trustworthy person. Whenever I feel really upset and lonely, I either talk to my best friend or write the complete thing down on a piece of paper (you can also maintain a journal). I don’t resist the sad feelings because what one resists not only persist but it grows (Carl Jung said something on the same lines). 

It all boils down to the fact that it’s normal to experience the complete spectrum of your emotions. And, it’s absolutely fine to reach out for help. No matter what you do, don’t judge yourself for what you feel. Your feelings make you human. 

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