10 Thoughts Worth Thinking About Than Whatever Is Consuming You

Half the battle is won if you have control over what goes on in your mind. Life can tire you once in a while but you will manage just fine. Here are 10 thoughts worth thinking about than whatever is consuming you. 

  1. The next book/film/series which you are about to read/watch. Just got finished with one? What’s your next stop? P.S. I can already imagine you smiling.
  2. Your best friend. Think about the times when she was there for you, even without you asking her to do the same. Think about the times when she picked you up from the floor and wiped your tears. She was always there with you. Text her and ask her how her day went. Just seeing her name flash on your screen will calm your mind. 
  3. Your family. Nothing soothes better than home. Sit with your mother and ask her about her day. She has waited the entire day just to spend a few hours with you. Tell her about your day. Maybe she won’t be able to understand your struggles, but you will feel considerably lighter after talking to her. Mothers are magical, aren’t they? 
  4. Your goals. What do you want most in your life? What is that one thing that motivates you even in the darkest hour? What is that one thing that you badly want to work out? Think about it, work towards it. Stop reducing your goals to mere fantasies. Go achieve it.
  5. Your work. Remember the days when life seemed to have come to a standstill and the only thing that kept you going was your work? Remember the days when you felt at ease only when you were at work? Maybe it’s not where you want to be. Maybe it’s everything you ever wanted. Maybe you deserve better. That’s quite a lot of maybes to begin with. But I want you to know that things are working for your highest good, even if you can’t see any development right now. Just have faith. 
  6. The little joys of life. Look around yourself and you will find ample reasons to be thankful about. You are more fortunate than you think you are. Things won’t always go according to your plans and that’s completely fine. What fun will it be if you aren’t challenged and surprised by life? This is exactly how you grow into your own idol. 
  7. Your pet. There’s no reason to worry when you are surrounded by unconditional love, a love that demands absolutely nothing. A love that wipes (read: licks) your tears away even before they are shed. A love that patiently listens to all your ramblings without any complaints. Just looking into their eyes is sufficient to light up your day. 
  8. Your connections. Your interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships play an important role in your life. While not everyone we lose is a loss, each and every individual has their own role in our lives. On some occasions you will be at fault, while on others you won’t be. Just learn your lessons and have faith. Whatever will happen it will be for the best. Cherish those who have always been by your side, friends for life are hard to find. 
  9. The transience of life. Change is the only constant. Whatever you are going through will pass. The clouds will part, the sun will shine and you will be better than just fine. 
  10. Yourself. You have come a long way, a long way. The journey was exhausting but you kept on it anyway. Take care of yourself, there’s still a long way to go and many milestones to achieve. Your mind, body and soul needs rest. Give them what they want. 

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-Priyanka Lamba


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