The Road Called Life

I wake up to a welcoming scene; sunlight finding its way through the crevices of the window, making the shadows dance to its tunes. I express gratitude for the wonderful day ahead, as I put each foot down and walk towards a fresh new beginning. A new day, a new me.

As I go outside, I am reminded of the innumerable things to be thankful about. I can hear the morning bird chirping their melodious ballad, the leaves rustling, the insects murmuring. The iridescent colours of my mind reflected all around. 

I turn back and look up only to see my mother waving me goodbye, a smile on her face which is enough to calm all my demons. “This day is going to be great,” I say to myself.

As I walk towards my destination, I am greeted by beaming faces. Each one eager to share and learn. Each one wanting the best for the other; supporting, helping, growing together — home outside home. 

On my way, I stumble upon something. The light of which can put the sun to shame. The beauty of which is envied by the moon itself. It embraces me, surrounds me, engulfs me. At a place unknown, I find my home. 

It walks with me through forests and rains. It knows which paths I need to walk alone. It knows the lessons I have learnt, the ones I need to learn. It observes me grow, proudly. It makes sure I rise after every fall. 

Walking, wilting, falling, rooting, rising — I reach my destination, with a mind full of lessons and a heart full of memories.

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-Priyanka Lamba

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