15 People Share What Love Means To Them

 “Let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”

-Khalil Gibran 

Love, the reason of all the creations around us; as rightly said by Rumi, love is indeed our mother. The all-knowing feeling that surrounds us, engulfs us, revives us, lives within us. Here are 15 individuals sharing what love means to them. 

  1. “This feeling, this feeling of unconditional love is meant to bring out the best in you. It forces you to face the parts that scare you. It makes sure that you conquer all and grow powerfully. What’s the point of it anyway if you can’t be your best, authentic self ?”
  2. “Love illuminates your path. It means you accept each other just as you are in the present, working willingly and determinedly towards building a strong and successful partnership. Together you cross all the hurdles without even once thinking about quitting.”
  3. “It heals, always. You can put down your guard and still find strength in your vulnerability.” 
  4. “There is a sense of comfort, like coming back home after a long journey. Everything seems serene. There is an undeniable sense of oneness with your partner.”
  5. “Physical attraction should not be the only reason why two people are together. Devotion, affection, loyalty, equality and trust are the four major ingredients of a healthy relationship.”
  6. “Love is a myth, it is dead.”
  7. “It is the reason why after a long, tiring day I feel grateful to come back home. It is the reason why my day feels incomplete without sharing it with her.”
  8. “Life and love both require a certain amount of commitment and hard work. You can’t just passively wait for love to magically wave its wand. One needs to consistently work towards a ‘happily ever after’.”
  9. “The recognition of one’s own self in the other which draws us closer to someone and bestows upon us a feeling of belongingness.”
  10. “Love is the harmonious confluence of two beings; such that their dreams, desires and needs are meticulously woven into the fabric of equilibrium and understanding.”
  11. “I believe that love comes from within and never from without. Loving yourself completely is extremely important.”
  12. “Love is friendship, true friendship. Gracefully making way through the ebbs and flows of life, respecting each other.” 
  13. “It makes me feel empowered, I can take over the world with love by my side. Even if I lose everything, I know I have someone waiting for me with arms wide open.” 
  14. “Love is the feeling that soothes your nightmares. Love is finding your home in unknown terrains.”
  15. “Some say love is absolute madness, some say it is the only logical thing that exists. No one knows where it begins, only that the well is bottomless.” 

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-Priyanka Lamba


  1. Just to add to the list above, my take on it. Love has been called “one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology.”There are 8 types of love according to the greeks. Falling in or out of love is one of the strongest emotions that people can experience. Love can be kind. Love can be cruel. Love is everything. Everyone has experienced feelings of love to some extent or another. There are those who found love then lost it, those who found it and kept it and those who are seeking it in odd places. There are also those who don’t know they have it, not realizing it is closer than they think. This is the first paragraph of the article on my website titled “8 flavours of love – Which one are you? abouthttps://authorjoannereed.net/lets-talk-about-love-8-flavors-of-love/ – Check it out maybe it would bring you some clarity to the subject…

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