26 *Greatest* Little Joys Of Life

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”

-Oscar Wilde

  1. The feeling when you realise that if anything goes wrong, you always have the next day to start anew. Perks of being a mere mortal.
  2. The peace and quietude of stillness. When your brain is not occupied with the humdrum of your daily life. Little joys of life.
  3. Realising that whatever happens actually happens for the best. Serendipity.
  4. When you do something really stupid and no one sees you. Phewww.
  5. Finishing the book you were planning to read since aeons.
  6. Reading something and being able to relate to it.
  7. Hugging your best friend tightly (till she chokes).
  8. When someone makes you a priority. Not because they feel liable to do so but because they truly want to.
  9. Being able to put your thoughts into words eloquently.
  10. Being in the company of those who understand you even without you expressing your thoughts eloquently.
  11. Laughing at your own joke till others join you (not because the joke was funny but because you look funny).
  12. Falling on the ground and getting up intact. Achievement.
  13. Eating an ice cream cone without spilling it on your clothes or dirtying your hands.
  14. Returning back home from work early. Sheer bliss.
  15. Hitting the sack after a never-ending day.
  16. When you are not able to sleep and suddenly your loved one reaches out for your hand.
  17. Crying after holding back for too long.
  18. Getting your Subway order right. Mission Accomplished!
  19. When you enjoy the journey more than reaching the destination. *Allegory Alert*
  20. Finding sweets/snacks/money that you totally forgot about.
  21. Getting zero traffic when you are running late.
  22. When you listen to a song that resonates with your mood.
  23. Perfectly flipping an omelette. Should I audition for MasterChef?
  24. Returning to bed after drinking chilled water.
  25. When your hair decides to cooperate with you.
  26. Not having to set the alarm for the next day. All hail the Sundays.

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-Priyanka Lamba


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