Turns Out I Had A Best Friend All Along!

As a kid, I always used to envy my friends. They all had a sibling whereas I didn’t. Though I always got the undivided attention of my mother, it didn’t keep me from yearning for a younger sister. “She will take away your clothes and toys”, my mother used to warn me but all these warnings were taken with a pinch of salt. God (and my parents) “almost” granted me with my wish and the four-year-old me was happy to welcome her brother. I was an elder sister now. I still remember how happy I was when I decided a weird name for him (which is what the majority still addresses him as). Finally, I had a playmate who would always be willing to fool around with me.

But my happiness was short-lived. Honestly, my brother looked too small and fragile to play with me. But what annoyed me the most was that nobody cared a dime about me now. He was the one who was carried around lovingly and not me. The little one didn’t have to do much to steal my thunder. “Who do you love more? Him or me”, I used to ask my mother this question every single day, never satisfied with her answer. Many years later, I did confess to her that I was (quite more than) a tad bit jealous. This piece of information was not something she was unaware of.

My tiny insecure brain would at times come up with various strategies to bother my brother (like hiding his diapers or ruining his photographs which didn’t have me). He on his part was growing like a notorious blue whale, breaking my toys and at times wearing my clothes (he was the original torchbearer of androgynous fashion). Though he couldn’t speak properly, he was as agile as a monkey and we would run around chasing each other. But one truth that I can never deny is that my brother who has got the same brown hair and sparkly eyes as I do, truly loves me.

I was protective of my brother and always ready to help him out till the time he was all grown and didn’t need any of it. With time our bond has only strengthened and we know we can share anything with one another. Out of the two of us, he is the one who is more logical and calm. He always has something wise to say and never fails to surprise me with his wisdom. Also, the young one never misses a chance to annoy me and make me lose my cool. Having gotten busy with our lives we don’t get much time to fight over “who ate that chocolate/cake/chips” or “who muddied the floor”, but we do take out time to fight over petty issues once in a while.

P.S. He is never the one to apologise or make amends.

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-Priyanka Lamba

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