After clearing my senior school examination, I clearly remember how I was (almost) sure of taking up Science stream and was brainwashed into joining a useless, money-making coaching centre that would prepare me for entrance exams. Every second student I knew at school had joined such coaching centres and needless to say, it did none of them any good.

Engineering was not my cup of tea that was for sure and I realised it early on though I could never bring myself to admit the same. Everyone was doing it how can it be wrong. Engineering never happened (thank God!) but it took me quite some time to understand that it is fine to not do what everyone else is doing. Though I realised it the hard way, quite a bit of stumbling and falling off the decided path.

College was pretty great. I earned friends for life (and the degree as well) who stood with me through storms and sun. I was introduced to a different side of me that earlier I was not acquainted with. Thought by thought, I tried my best to fathom the little bulbs that flashed in my mind. Quite more than some bright (and not-so-bright) years down the line, I was able to arrange the little bulbs to enlighten my mind.   

With time, I realised that it is fine to pursue what makes me happy, even if “others” are anything but happy with the same. At times, I do feel all alone but this is requisite for me to be comfortable with myself, to connect better with what my heart desires. The journey till now has been a thrilling roller-coaster which taught me a lot of lessons on it’s way up and down.

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-Priyanka Lamba


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