Struggles Of Being An Overthinker

I have always been told by a lot of people about my habit of overthinking. But like any other overthinker, I ignore it (only to think of it at night and ruin my sleep). Even the slightest spark can ignite my savage brain cells. The day starts and ends at the whims of my good old brain which I try my best to control (hasn’t been much progress though).

The “Insensitive” Joke

1 giphy.gif

While brushing my teeth, I think of the harmless joke my friend made on me yesterday. “Don’t talk to her today. Let her go crazy thinking what happened to you”, is what the brain suggests. I being the obedient slave simply follow.

P.S. Kindly laugh at my jokes so that I can appreciate yours.

And Now My Head Hurts

2 Gyfcat.gif

At times this “analytical thinking” can also make my head hurt as if someone’s hammering inside it. But my overactive brain won’t let me sit with peace and constantly remind me of that rude lady in the metro who literally pushed me out of her way (not to forget the expletives and nasty looks).

The “Perfect” Day

3 Cleever.gif

Armed with yesterday’s insensitive joke and today’s headache, I have the perfect ingredients to ruin my not-so-sunny day. Boss’s scolding for coming late, the cherry on top. Yes, bosses yell, it is like their birthright. But don’t forget that I am an overthinker, I will think about it for probably the next six million years.

No Brain Stop!!

4 Her Campus.gif
Her Campus

My hoity-toity brain just won’t listen to me and go on an over-thinking spree just before I want to sleep. It would constantly replay the incident to “gently” remind me of what could have been said and done to save myself from embarrassment. With much difficulty, I banish these useless thoughts and drift to sleep, only to be awakened by the morning alarm.

Note To Self: Open your eyes and press the snooze button, don’t worry you are late again. Stop thinking about it!


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-Priyanka Lamba


  1. I tend to be an over-thinker, too. One thing that really helps me–and frees up my brain to overthink pleasant thoughts–is the mantra: “We assume one another’s good intent.” If I really am able to do that–to assume everyone is doing the best they can and they’re not deliberately rude/thoughtless/cruel/insensitive–then everything changes.

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