I Fell Off The Stairs And It Changed My Life

One fine day, I was discussing with my colleagues during lunch break, how I had fallen from my college’s stairs once. Little did I know, my fate was going to repeat itself the very next day. As I was descending my office stairs, my feet got entangled with my palazzo pants and before I could realise, I came crashing down the floor (in front of the whole office). I literally went red with embarrassment and quickly motioned those coming for my aid that I was fine. As I got up, someone from the marketing team said, ”Be careful!”, as if I walk to fall.


Though I had fallen pretty hard, the first thing I checked after getting up was my PHONE which was my comrade-in-arms when I fell. The gadget wouldn’t switch on no matter what I did. As imprudent as I may sound, I was more bothered about the scratches on my cellphone than the bruises on my body. I should have been grateful that even after such a fall I was fine (except for a few minor discolourations) but no I was not. The whole day I sat quietly contemplating the fate of my phone and praying for its speedy recovery. Plus, I didn’t have a back up of the data in my phone which made things even worse.


Alas, my hopes were shattered when I was informed that the display of my cellphone had to be changed and the same would cost me a lot. So, it was decided that either I buy a new phone or I use the spare one at home. The latter being too “uncool” for my taste was vehemently rejected. The final outcome was that I was to be without a phone for the next few days till the time I purchase a new one.


Initially, I was sceptical on how I would manage without the necessary evil but what happened next was a game changer. My earphones were replaced by novels and I read them during my travel time. I was no longer checking my phone during intervals and it goes without saying that my productivity increased. I felt less-bored, energetic, happier and “better connected” with the people around me. By the fourth day sans phone, I was sure that I could survive without a phone. P.S. Accessing Facebook and Gmail once or twice a day doesn’t count. Ironically, my mother was adamant that I keep a phone so that she could know about my well-being and wouldn’t have to flood the office landline (or my colleague’s phone) with calls.


Though I have gone back to using a cellphone (the spare one at home because I am not as cool as I think I am), I can surely say that I enjoyed my almost-gadget-free time and guess what, now that I have a phone, my mother has stopped calling me.


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-Priyanka Lamba



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