10 Lessons Which I (Never) Learnt At School

We spend a major part of our life in school. Thinking about those days evoke pleasant memories among some, nightmares among others. For some, it was a golden period that they would want to relive while others are more than happy that life has speedily steered them away from it. I am one of those who proudly belong to the second category. Schooling years weren’t exactly the best years of my life, though I was taught a lot many subjects, (a majority of which I am still figuring out where to use) there were many lessons that life outside the boundaries of my school taught me.

1. Breathe

2. Brightest Young Things.gif
Brightest Young Things

I always had a habit of panicking over small things. Over the years, I have realised that it is important to stay calm and think of a logical solution than stressing over the issue.

Note To My 13-Year-Old Self: Stop falling sick just before your Mathematics exam. The things that are bothering you are not important in the first place.

2. Individuality Lies In Difference

5 Beauty MNL.gif
Beauty MNL

They say all five fingers are not alike and the same goes for people as well. Merely wearing the same uniform can’t change this universal truth. Discipline is important but not at the cost of someone’s individuality. Differences whether physical or behavioural need to be accepted and not chastised or made fun of.

Another Note To My 13-Year-Old Self: Your curly hair is your best feature. You can’t even fathom how much efforts girls put in to achieve hair like that.

3. An Investment In Knowledge Will Never Disappoint You

Second option for first giphy.gif

Once out of school it didn’t take me much time to realise that merely cramming the syllabus is not going to take me anywhere. I might score “good marks” and that’s it.

Note To My 14-Year-Old Self: Always be open to new experiences. Reading is a good habit, your 23-year-old self is grateful to you for that.  

4. Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

7 IMGUR.gif

Everyone wants to be “cool” in school, even if it requires one to be mean and insensitive. Creating a certain image to look cool and happening in front of others isn’t going to change the person you are. Being an empathetic person is important even if it renders you uncool.

Another Note To My 14-Year-Old Self: I know adolescence can be tough but never commit the mistake of being ashamed of yourself. Try to see the brighter side of things and not the pesky zits that are bothering you.

5. Marks Should Not Be The Centre Of Your Universe 

3 tenor (1).gif

I was an average student in school, who had grown up thinking that marks were the only criteria to judge intelligence. I totally disagree with this notion now. 

Note To My 15-Year-Old Self: You are intelligent enough, don’t believe those who compare you with the “top-scorers” and try to bring you down. 5 years from now, no one will care how much you scored. 

6. Go A Bit Easy On Yourself

8 giphy.gif

Back in school, I used to judge myself and the people around me way too harshly. It was not entirely my fault. I was witnessing this around me every day and thought it to be normal. Before I knew, I was practising it. With time I realised that more than anyone else, this habit of mine is taking a toll on me and I should do away with it. I try my best not to judge people (and myself) and I am getting better at it.

Another Note To My 15-Year-Old Self: There are gazillions of people to judge you out there, so just leave it to them. This act of yours will save you a lot of time and energy.

7. Ditch The Herd Mentality

9 Gifer.gif

It’s very important to have a mind of your own. A mind that makes decisions based on your ideas and not what others are doing. Doesn’t matter if you are not a part of the “group”. Following the herd mentality will lead to nothing more than a complete state of chaos and dissatisfaction, you deserve better.

Note To My 16-Year-Old Self : Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. If you fall, get up, dust yourself and march on. The fear of falling should not stop you from flying. Try to share your ideas as much as you can, ask questions. Don’t be afraid of what others will think of you.

8. Choose True Friends Over Toxicity

6 Comedy Central UK.gif
Comedy Central UK

Which makes me come to the next lesson, people are going to blabber no matter what so it’s better to not take it to your heart. Surround yourself with people who enrich your mind and make you a better person.

Another Note To My 16-Year-Old Self: Do you remember the looks you garnered in school when you got your nose pierced. The girl who specially came to your seat just to see your piercing, these are exactly the kind of people who don’t need in your life. It’s good that you take your time to open up, those who genuinely care for you and are your well-wishers in the truest sense will choose to stay. 

9. You Don’t Need To “Sort” Your Life

4 giphy.gif

We all have (at more than one occasion) heard the infamous saying-  “Life will be sorted after you get good marks in your high school exams”. This was a blatant lie meant to disorient.

Note To My 17-Year-Old Self: Forget exams! There are bigger challenges waiting for you, outside the school gate.   

10. Dream Big And Work To Make Them Reality

10 Gifer.gif

It’s good to not be the jack of all trades, instead master one. If you are good at something don’t shy away from exploring it, even if it has “no scope” according to those around you. Don’t suppress your inner voice when it calls out for your sketching book more often than your Science textbook. It’s always better to be impeccable at something you love than be average at something that doesn’t interest you.

Another Note To My 17-Year-Old Self: Never let expectations weigh you down. If something makes you happy go for it. Even after pursuing my masters in Computer Applications, I am working as an editorial assistant. Why, you ask? I think you know the answer.

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-Priyanka Lamba




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