In The Search Of Solace

Once I was a 10-year-old who used to fear exams. The kind of kid who used to get sick out of the blue just before her mathematics exam. Back then, I used to think how tough my life is and why do I have to even study in the first place.

Once I was a 15-year-old. My younger self will be quite proud of me as I am quite a hardworking student. I still dread mathematics though. My only focus is to score well in my Secondary School Examination as everyone says my life will be sorted if I score well.

After royally screwing my Higher Secondary Examination, I end up doing something completely contradictory to my interests. But being the escapist that I am, I never give it much of a thought anyway. Exams don’t give me jitters anymore, no they don’t. I look back and mock my 10-year-old self for being such a panicky girl that she was. She pays no heed and laughs at me instead, can’t fathom the reason behind her laugh though.

I am a 23-year-old now, taking over the reins of my life. Fully knowing and at peace with the fact that life is not supposed to be sorted and that one can’t have everything. I am no longer an escapist, acknowledging my mistakes and learning from them. Reflecting back, I can safely say that one will always find a reason to worry and be unhappy because human minds are specially designed to do this job. But there is solace and happiness somewhere within. Somewhere hidden beneath those layers of insecurity, discontent, regrets and heartbreaks. What is solace? I won’t answer this question. I can hear a little girl in the neighborhood laughing, singing the national anthem which she might have caught on to from the school nearby. I can listen to her for hours, trying to make sense of her babbling. I think it gives me solace.
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-Priyanka Lamba


  1. Interesting how you have viewed your younger years of studying. We each look at life’s issues in different ways. Some love to study and go on until their quite old, while try to get away soon as they can. I believe we all have to have some sort of education, so that we learn to read, write and speak properly, that means the basic education and after that there are so many other ways of learning, other than going to a school or doing exams. One does not need to do exams itself, only when it comes to most of the jobs one needs that piece of paper to show what they have qualified in. How ever we can all learn to live in peace and happiness, when we are able to lead our lives doing what we really like. I wish you all the Very Best in what ever you like to do in your life in order to live successfully 🙂

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