Diary of a millennial

Welcome to the world of confused millennials. A world where we have a quick fix for everything. We are a bunch of confused people adept at hiding ourselves and our confusion.

We work like dogs, without stopping to contemplate. Hence, we never realise what we truly want and then repent in leisure (if there is any).

We give into the rat race, selling our time and energy. Only to realise that money can’t buy contentment.

“Don’t give a damn” is the new cool. Yes, we don’t give a damn about the environment, our fellow brethren or the world in general.

We are taught to follow the herd and fit the mould. Anyone who is different is regarded with contempt and insensitivity.

We fill our bodies and mind with junk. We are so caught up with social media, that we don’t have time for social interactions. We waste time on frivolous relationships and let true friendships and love pass by.

It’s time we halt, think and act. It’s time we live and not just breathe.

-Priyanka Lamba



  1. I agree, especially on the social media part. Anyone who know anything about me, know about the whole situation that went down with me a few months back where I felt exactly the same. I love your work, keep writing 💖

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