My Acne Story (2 min read)

Hi everyone. Today I thought of writing about an issue that affects almost everyone regardless of age and gender. Not very hard to guess (plus the title is a giveaway) it is our very own friend ACNE.
My association with acne started in my early teens. I suffered from severe acne, I have it even now but it is a lot lesser.

I remember the day when I was sitting in my class with this really huge ugly pimple and people literally laughing at me (even my friends), teasing me and what not. But this was just the beginning, the worst was yet to come. I started getting a lot of pimples and before I knew my face was covered with acne. The only clear portion being the eyebrow area and chin.

Everyone and when I say everyone I literally mean everyone. Teachers, friends, neighbors, relatives anyone and everyone was giving me advice from which doctor to visit to which useless face-pack I should apply to cure acne. Not knowing that I had tried everything to get rid of my skin problems. After a year or so of struggle with acne I knew I had to bear it.

At an age where most people crave for attention, acne was a huge blow to my confidence, to an extent that I never used to look at the mirror as I hated to face the image that stared back. Having suffered from severe acne for so many years I had almost given hope of having a clear skin.

With time my acne did clear up a little. I still have some blemishes and pimples but my face is a lot clearer than it used to be in school.

I will not be giving you “Tips to get clear skin” as I don’t think I am the best person to give advice on this. If I would have known these tips I would have cleared my skin long back.

But a few things that I definitely want to share and I hope might help you:

  • People perceive you the way you project yourself. If you feel beautiful, the world sees a beautiful you. Self belief is very important. Now that I believe in myself I feel a lot more confident and it makes me feel beautiful inside out.
  • If you think positive it reflects in everything around you.
  • Embrace yourself the way you are. If you want to change, change for yourself not for others. You are beautiful with all your flaws and imperfections and no one can change this fact.

Last but not the least stay happy, be positive and live life to it’s fullest.

-Priyanka Lamba


  1. You are not the only person who has gone through this……its really important to keep yourself confident during that period…..and yes those three things that you mentioned at the last are very essential…..I would suggest keep calm and be confident !!!! and you will be alright

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